Gerald Businge

Master Gerald Businge is a sought after enlightened learning facilitator and visionary guiding those focused on achieving their greatness on this planet. He is a multi award winning multimedia journalist, communications specialist, seasoned trainer, entrepreneur, technology developer; and teacher of the Truth, life re-engineering, creativity and transformation. He studied Mass Communication, Journalism & Communication at Makerere University and Multimedia Journalism at the University of California Berkeley and is part of the Digital Development Network led by Sheffield University, UK. Detailed Resume here

Master Gerald Businge

Award winning author and Trainer

By gerald businge

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Mastering your divinity

$200 / A Month

Align yourself with your purpose in this life, know who you truly are, the power and assignment you have as given by God and manifest that power for a better life for yourself and others.

Communications mastery

From $300 / A Month

Get ahead with the intensive one month courses in digital communication, multimedia journalism, digital pedagogy, Knowledge capture and knowledge management -in partnership with Makerere University

Consultancy Support

From $200 / Per Month

Initial one-to-one consultation, helping you become more knowledgeable and supporting you practically to deliver on your mandate in media, communications and training services

Products and Services

Ultimate Multimeia Consult

UMC offers value added editorial, information, and knowledge services, products, and training. For more than 10years, UMC has been the leading provider of multimedia training and digital communication training and consultancy services.

Yaaka Digital Network

Yaaka is a multi-award winning digital learning platform with relevant Uganda curriculum content and a set of tools for digitalising content online and offline. We also offer digital learning gadgets, online classes and pedagogy training

Ultimate Masters

Ultimate Masters helps you to rediscover The Master in You, the God in you and live life more meaningfully, in charge, and to the fullest. When you master the knowledge and understanding of the Truth, which is your oneness with God, you are ready to live a life powered by God Almighty, full of abundance and blessing. We help you align and live a fruitful life.

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